Chocolat for Mac 3.0.3

Chocolat is a new text editor for Mac OS X, that combines native Cocoa with powerful text editing tools.


Quick Facts

Free to Try
$49 to buy
19.4 MB
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  • Text Editing
  • Split Editing
    • Display multiple files at once or display two parts of the same file.
  • Code Completion
    • Chocolat can code-complete standard library and user-defined symbols (even if they're in another file!)
  • Live Errors
    • Chocolat checks your code for errors while you write it (currently available for Ruby, Python, PHP and JavaScript).
  • Folding
    • Fold unwanted lines away or focus on just the function you need.
  • Symbol List
    • It's a list of symbols!
  • Blockedit
    • Blockedit (aka multicursor editing) lets you perform repetitive tasks on multiple parts of a file at once.
  • Vim Mode
    • Write code like a neckbeard! (though real neckbeards use Emacs)
  • Jump to Definition
    • Jump to any symbol in seconds.
  • Project Find
    • Chocolat has built-in support for ack, a popular tool for doing regex searches over whole directories.
  • Go to File
    • Jump to any file in your project, with support for fuzzy searching and nested directories.
  • Web Preview
    • Preview HTML and Markdown files as you type.
  • Documentation
    • Chocolat can show programming language documentation right next to the editor.