It doesn't matter if your game is old, epic or brand new. You don't have to worry if your friends are miles away! Tunngle makes use of the games LAN mode to connect the players together.

Tunngle is a revolutionary P2P VPN tool that delivers the best online entertainment experience. Each game gets its own public network. Each network comes with its own chat! You can bookmark, list and search! Tunngle also comes with its own integrated messenger. Adding buddies and making friends is just a few mouse clicks away!

Tunngle is a magic tool that will never let you down (even with the most troublesome games): its LAN emulation features are very powerful and will work with virtually any game that supports IP based LAN gaming.

Tunngle is even more: you can use the Tunngle LAN emulation with virtually any program that has IP based network capabilities. You will never see a complete list of supported programs-games because it would be too long. Everything can work with Tunngle.

What's New:

  • Added multilingual support.
  • Added languages.
  • Added more skins.
  • Updated Skin Engine.
  • Fixed some installation issues.
  • Fixed the adapter name. (now it's Tunngle)
  • Added B-Class Emulator.
  • Fixed an error in C-Class Emulator.
  • Solved some server problems.
  • Optimized the adapter handler. (speeds up the startup)
  • The forwarded port is now checked for validity.
  • Updated digital signatures certificates.
  • Removed Lobby auto join at startup.
  • Solved a problem with automatic reconnection.
  • Fixed some other bugs.