Opswat Security Score is an app that scores your cyber risk based on various factors such as OS updates, vulnerable applications, firewall, and malware protection, giving you a comprehensive and streamlined view of your current computer's security score as well as how to improve it.

Opswat Security Score features a click-to-run version that does not require installation. Simply click on it to run! To fully experience Security Score with ongoing monitoring of your computer, install Opswat Client on your Windows computer. Security Score will not make unauthorized changes on your computer.


Deep Endpoint Compliance

  • Ensures endpoints are safe with in-depth compliance checks.

Vulnerability Detection

  • Detects and reports vulnerabilities in installed software.

OS and 3rd Party Patch Management

  • Automatically patches 3rd-party applications and critical OS updates.

Secure Access

  • Secures network connection between endpoints and organization's resources.

Check your Security Score and fix security issues for free

  • Download and Run OPSWAT Security Score without installation.
  • Get Your Security Score and Identify Risks
  • Fix Your Security Issues