Pasting is done by using a triggered popup window. This window can be triggered by a hotkey, holding right-click, a special trigger window, and other methods.

ArsClip used to be barebones, but I think I can safely say that it has become a nicely featured and highly configurable program, due to user feedback.

Delphi 6 (Personal) source code is included - modify it freely for any non-profit use. NOTE: The newer versions are compiled with Turbo Delphi for Win32.


  • Multiple Permanent Clip groups
  • Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support
  • Copy and paste automation support using Permanent Clips
  • Highly configurable
  • Win7 Jumplist support

What's New

(Window: Configuration)

  • New: added Enhanced Clipboard Delete setting in Clipboard Monitoring
  • New: updated Scroll Action settings in Keystrokes / Clicks
  • New: option to show Pinned Clips in the Clip Set
  • Fix: workaround for slow load/save times due to external file scanners

(Window: Edit Clips/Macros)

  • New: added new Find / Filter options for the History Tab
  • New: search text highlighted in Preview for History Tab
  • New: added CTRL+A keystroke selection to History tab
  • New: HTML preview now shown for HTML Clips in History / Permanent Clips
  • New: pictures shown scaled by default in History / Permanent Clips
  • New: clicking a picture changes between scaled an unscaled view in History / Permanent Clips.
  • Fix: various minor visual changes for History and Permanent Clips
  • Fix: HTML Permanent Clip sometimes appearing as blank in window, but saves and pastes as expected
  • Fix: Popup Clips not shown with compact whitespace in History tab
  • Fix: system short date format now used for Removed Clips in History

(Window: Edit Permanent Clip)

  • New: added setClipboardHTMLDocument(), setClipboardHTMLString() functions
  • New: added getHTMLString(), getHTMLDocument() functions JavaScript functions
  • New: updated JavaScript reference for new functions

(Window: Clip Menu)

  • Fix: position fixed when menu may partially appear offscreen
  • Fix: workaround for odd position when using 2 monitors with different scaling
  • Fix: "Formatted Text" missing from "Paste As" option for HTML or RichText clips

(Window: Tooltip)

  • Fix: updated default font size for all tooltip windows (see Misc for settings)
  • Fix: issue with tooltip being too small to show header of footer text


  • New: added TooltipFontSizeSmall, TooltipFontSizeNormal to [Hidden] section in ac.ini
  • Fix: Formatted Text not detected on clipboard after program runs for a few days