Show text and multimedia synchronously, simultaneously enhancing brain logic and audiovisual memory that has filled this domain blank. It supports publishing and licensing, can be used to multimedia help and teaching, introduction, share, notes, photo gallery, documents collector and media play box. It is professional, compatible, easy-to-use and free.

Software using Microsoft Office WORD as the user interface, supports Microsoft CHM standards, supports multimedia, supports publishing and licensing, is professional, compatible, easy-to-use help system!

The multimedia features is that the software integrates text, audio, images and video together to make VMC media library. When glances over the text automatically play multimedia in the embedded media player, when plays the multimedia text automatic displays.

Professional is that the software will automatically convert Office WORD file to CHM file, even if you do not understand the CHM can also get the powerful hierarchy expressive.

Compatibility is that the software is compatible with Microsoft Office WORD documents and the Microsoft CHM standards, the software can open, import, export, Microsoft Office WORD documents and Microsoft CHM files.

Ease of use is that the software using Microsoft Office WORD to edit text, and you only need to edit WORD and other conversion work is done automatically by the software. Therefore, as long as you can use Office WORD, you can use the software.

Not only that, the software also provides you with the following features:

Publish VMC media library function. Even without installing the software can also share your works. Setting the publishers copyright information and user permissions to protect your works.

Import, export functions, you can always import, export Office WORD files or CHM file in VMC media library. If you just want to convert Office WORD file into CHM file, you can simply import Office WORD file and then export the CHM file.

The auto play feature, you can playback of all or specified media. Corresponding text displayed simultaneously while play backing the media. And you can configure the play time and play number of repetitions.

Background music feature, when browsing background music automatically play, when playing media background music automatically pause, then auto start. You can adjust the background music volume or mute at any time.

Scene reproduction function, the software can save window size, position, color, style, sub-window docked position, auto play media configuration information to you published VMC media library, WYSIWYG. In this way, when opened, the media in the VMC media library will play automatically; the software interface will reproduce the state you specify.

For example, you use the software publish a multimedia greeting card, write on the blessings, add warm pictures, accompanied by video clips, and specify the window style and auto play configuration, publish as self-extracting VMC media library, then sends it. When he/she opens your self-extracting VMC media library, yesterday once more.

The cover design features, cover design operation is what you see is what you get. Simply a few steps, you can add a professional and beautiful cover for your works. Cover when opening the VMC library played first. Cover Design features set and preview shared works appearance, WYSIWYG.

Documents Collector, The software not only can add audio, images, and video files, in fact, you can add any file. Therefore, a VMC media library is a small integrated information bank. Addition with file management and compression capabilities, you also can edit WORD to do a detailed description of the information bank. You can always modify the description that will not affect the added files. You can open, edit, rename, update, export and set properties to the added files.

For example, you can add the original desktop headache "New text document", "temporary", "notepad" files to a VMC media library file, unified management.

The software has friendly interface, supports docked window, 6 display styles, 3 difficulty choices, 1 timer assistant and software auto updated.