Software Access Point for Windows 7 & Windows 8 based PCs, Tablets, or Laptops:

Thinix WiFi Hotspot works by creating a virtual hotspot using the wireless adapter in your Windows-based PC. Once the hotspot is setup you can share your PC's connection with other computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. When you are traveling and have to pay for Internet access, Thinix WiFi Hotspot allows you to pay for one internet connection and share that connection across all of your devices or family members.

This is ideal in hotels or airports and in many cases justifies the cost of Thinix WiFi Hotspot on the first use.

Thinix WiFi Hotspot Great for Home or on the Road

  • Simple User Interface to control and configure a WiFi Hotspot and share it with other users in seconds.
  • Share paid service in a Hotel or Airport with your family/friends or other devices and save money.
  • Security is paramount with built-in WPA2 encryption, PIN code protection, and optional automatic security key generation.
  • Customize the SSID and password of your Thinix WiFi Hotspot.
  • Auto-Start Hotspot option allows Hotspot sharing even while your not logged onto Windows, and allows hotspot to run when non-administrative users are logged on.
  • 3G/4G/USB Mode allows administrative users to share wireless devices connected by USB.
  • Compatible with all moden WiFi client devices that support WPA2 security such as; Apple iOS, Andorid, Windows, and Apple OS X.

Thinix WiFi Hotspot Works runs on PCs using Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Share a wired or wireless Internet connection.
  • Works with your internal wireless adaptor or 3G/4G/USB WiFi adaptor.
  • Software you can trust - No Spyware, Ads, Malware or gimmicks. Trusted & Secure.

Thinix WiFi Hotspot - Use in Meeting and Classrooms:

Many meeting and classrooms have computer attached to projectors or large monitors that are used to display content.

By using Thinix WiFi Hotspot with PIN code protection and auto key generation enabled you can ensure that the guests in your conference room have wireless access that is secure and temporary.