Since 2007 inSSIDer has been the leading tool for visualizing WiFi. With inSSIDer you will instantly understand how your WiFi network and the neighboring WiFi networks are interacting.

inSSIDer shows you the essential details about your WiFi access points including channel, channel width, signal strength, WiFi generation, maximum data rate, and security. It also shows you how the neighboring WiFi networks are impacting your WiFi.

How does inSSIDer work?

inSSIDer analyzes your Wi-Fi configuration. This includes channel settings, security, signal strength, and the impact of neighboring Wi-Fi networks. The results are shown in graphs and are translated into observations and suggestions on changes you can make to improve your Wi-Fi performance.

Is inSSIDer free?

inSSIDer is free but you have to register an account with MetaGeek to run the app. It only requires a name, email and verification of the email. This free version is very capable and sufficient for the average user. However, professionals might consider subscribing to MetaGeek Plus which enables snapshots and unlocks the Client Traffic Analytics module.

Can inSSIDer identify neighboring Wi-Fi signals?

inSSIDer not only identifies your Wi-Fi network, access point and routers, but also any other Wi-Fi signals that are nearby. The idea behind inSSIder is to analyze all signals within reach to suggest changes in your configuration to optimize speed and avoid scenarios like channel congestion.

Besides inSSIDer, what other Wi-Fi analyzers are there?

There are few alternatives to inSSIDer, the closest ones are Network Stumbler, Wi-Fi Analyzer, NetSpot, LinSSID and WiFiInfoView.

Analyze your Wifi environment

inSSIDer analyzes the configuration of your WiFi including channel settings, security, signal strength, and the impact of neighboring WiFi networks. Then in plain English inSSIDer shows you what's working great, what could be improved for faster WiFi, and what definitely needs fixed ASAP.

Improve your Wi-Fi security and speed

After seeing your WiFi and having inSSIDer analyze your WiFi, you are ready to make changes to improve your WiFi. The combination of inSSIDer and our library of free WiFi guides and videos are the tools you need to defeat slow WiFi forever!

Quickly find access point details

The capabilities and configuration of your access points have a huge impact on whether your WiFi is sloooow or fast. But this information is typically hidden for mesh systems or buried in a dozen configuration screens for standard WiFi access points. With inSSIDer all of the important access point configuration details are shown in a single, easy-to-read list.

Discover which channels are busiest

Selecting a quiet channel for your WiFi network will improve your WiFi speed, and a channel with only a single WiFi network can be much busier than a channel with multiple WiFi networks. The Channels Table in inSSIDer shows you how busy each channel is, making it easy to find a channel that is relatively quiet compared to other channels.

See devices on your local network

inSSIDer not only shows your information about your WiFi access points, it also scans your Local Area Network (LAN) to determine what devices are on your network. For some devices inSSIDer can even show you what type of device it is and automatically find the device name.

See WiFi device details

inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus combines Local Area Network scanning with full packet capture to build a complete picture of each client on your WiFi network, including connected data rate and retry rate, which are strong indicators of the quality of the client connection.

Quickly locate any WiFi device

inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus also charts client airtime utilization, retry rate, and signal strength so you can monitor the connection quality over time or quickly locate the client based on signal strength. The Frame Table summarizes all WiFi packets sent and received by each client.

Open and save packet capture files

The MetaGeek Plus subscription also adds the ability to open and save packet capture files (.pcap), turning inSSIDer into a powerful tool for WiFi packet analysis. inSSIDer is also a great tool for creating packet capture files to analyze in Eye P.A.

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