With FastKeys you can expand abbreviations for frequently used text and save hours of typing. Including Auto Complete with learning.

Start Menu

Build a fully configurable Start Menu to start any activity on your computer. Touch the screen edge to show the menu.


Create keyboard Shortcuts to do anything with a keystroke. Run programs, open sites or powerful scripts to automate Windows.

Mouse Gestures

Execute tasks by using mouse gestures. Keep a hand on a mouse and automate anything with a quick movement.

Macro Recorder

Record keystrokes and mouse actions to teach the computer to perform tasks automatically.

Clipboard Manager

Keep track of everything you copy into your clipboard and quickly access any item from the history.

What's New

  • Clipboard method option available per individual item,
  • Labels, Separators and Images can be added to selection forms,
  • New Loop macro,
  • Resizable Selection form dialog,
  • Updated translations,
  • Several enhancements and bug fixes.