Registry Recycler is a free registry cleaner that allows you to handle all the problems associated with Windows Registry. It scans the registry to find any incorrect or bad data. You can easily scan, repair and clean your PC with this safe registry cleaner. This way, your system will be faster, error free and more stable.

The Windows registry keeps growing when you use Windows as it constantly stores information. As a result, a lot of obsolete and unnecessary information is also stored, gradually making the registry fragmented and cluttered. This continuous growth of registry can decrease the performance of the system and cause a lot of different software problems. Therefore, it is good to use Registry Recycler rather than any other free registry cleaner as it is the complete optimization software for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Registry Cleaner

Registry Recycler scan registry and PC for errors and repairs all problems found. Registry Recycler is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and their 64-bit versions.

You can check/uncheck registry categories to customize your scan. Registry Recycler will remember the user settings for custom scan. Click "Start Scan" button to perform a scan for selected categories.


The registry keeps records of all the software and hardware of computer, which are organized and arranged in a compact form. With daily computer usage the size of Windows registry grows and it becomes disorganized or fragmented. The size of registry increases as a result of spaces created between these fragments. Registry Recycler analyze whether defragmentation is required, if it is mandatory then it defrag these fragments and reorganize these files to make sure that they are located properly.

Note: It is very important that you close all the running applications before you defrag your Windows registry.

Backup and Restore

Registry Recycler automatically backup registry keys to avoid loss of any useful information in Windows registry. The backup function of this free registry cleaner creates a backup of the Windows registry before fixing it. You can always restore your registry to its previous state by using the restore feature. Backups are maintained in a list and are sorted according to date and time, making it easy for you to restore them. Select from the list of created backups to restore registry. You can also manually backup the entire registry incase you want to restore it to the last state. This way you would not have to worry about losing any important application and program settings.

Startup Manager

The Startup Manager allows you to handle all the items that initialize when Windows boots. When Windows starts, different applications or programs also execute, these are all startup items. Excess of programs running at start can slow down the Windows boot-up. This Startup feature of Registry Recycler can remove or disable any program from the list. You may enable the programs you need later on.


Registry Recycler stores the summary of results such as time of scan performed, number of errors detected in different Windows registry categories, number of errors cleaned and errors sent to list of ignored keys.


  • With Registry Recycler you can safely clean, defrag, repair and optimize registry in minutes.
  • Avoid problems with Windows Registry that are usually the cause of slow performance, error messages and even Windows crashes.
  • Speed up and optimize your PC without hardware upgrades.
  • Backup facility of any repairs you made in case you need to restore or recover any changes.
  • Benefits of Registry Recycler
  • Prevent software crashes and run application more efficiently
  • Clean, Speed up and optimize your PC
  • Find and fix different registry errors
  • Deal with computer performance issues more efficiently
  • Improve your PC for gaming
  • It is totally free