OSHI Cleaner is designed to help user to free up disk space, improve system performance and startup time and increase general system stability by searching and cleaning up junk and redundant files and registry keys, uninstalling old or unwanted applications and cleaning your system startup and restore points.

OSHI Cleaner's interface is simple and clean, and allows you to perform disk and registry cleaning in one click. You can also scan your computer manually and see list of detected objects in simple and convenient way.

OSHI Cleaner:

  • Cleans up of junk and redundant files on your PC
  • Cleans up redundant registry keys
  • Helps to uninstall old or unwanted programs
  • Allows to manage and clean startup programs
  • Provides possibility to clean system restore points in simple way

How it's works

  • Cleanup junk and redundant files on your PC regains speed and hard drive space.
  • Cleaning of registry increases system stability and speed
  • Uninstalling of old or unwanted programs helps your PC to work faster and frees up disk space
  • Control startup programs to speed up your computes start
  • Cleaning old restore points helps to free even more disk space

Easy to use

  • Clear disk and registry with just one button click
  • Simple interface guides you though advanced cleanup options
  • Don't require installation