Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit 11.1.0

Komodo Edit is a multi-language editor that makes writing quality code extremely easy. Komodo Edit provides editing for dynamic languages including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl; plus support for browser-side code including JavaScript, CSS, HTML and XML.


Quick Facts

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Background syntax checking and syntax coloring catch errors immediately, while autocomplete and calltips guide you as you write.


  • Preview Cascading Style Sheets
  • Reuse a Code Fragment
  • Create a Prompting Snippet
  • Code Completion Snippet
  • Break on a Variable Value
  • Debug an XSLT Program
  • Fast String Finder
  • Incremental Search
  • Open/Find Toolbar
  • Google Run Command
  • Interactive Shell
  • Test a Regular Expression
  • Create a Custom Toolbar
  • Directory Shortcut
  • Export/Import Project Package
  • Filesystem in Project
  • Custom Keybindings
  • Custom Template in a Project