Roccat comes with VisiTabs, which allows you to see a preview of each webpage within its tab. VisiTabs can be resized to whatever size you want, it can be moved to any side of Roccat, it can even be moved to a Drawer. Roccat gives you the option of using VisiTabs, however if you prefer, you can still use the old style of tabs.

Roccat Reader

Roccat Reader is new to Roccat 3, it allows you to view your favorite articles in a distraction free mode, extracting only the content you care about. Roccat Reader comes with 3 great reading modes: Night mode, Day mode, and Sepia mode. We believe this is the best integrated browser reader on the market.

RCloud 3.0

RClouds was first announced in Roccat 2, it allows you to backup your open tabs, history, bookmarks, settings and all other aspects of your browsing life. You can then access it all, from any Mac, iPhone or IPad. In Roccat 3 you have better management and control of all your backups, you also now have the ability to delete the ones you no longer require.

Navigate Launchers

Navigate Launchers allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite websites. You can add as many shortcuts as you like, and you can choose anything you like, for example you can choose the letter "G" to navigate to Google when entered into FusedBar. You can even add search URLs by prefixing them with %@ so you can type b hello to search bing for hello for example.

Roccat Flick

Roccat Flick is a great feature which allows you to share websites over a network, to other Macs, iPhones or iPads. Simply use the drop down to choose the person you want to share a site with, then press ‘Flick website’ to share it. Remember to turn 'Always Broadcast' on if you want people to find you, otherwise you will only be able to share when you both have the Roccat Flick menu open.

FusedBar 2

FusedBar is an address bar which has been fused with a search bar. FusedBar has lots of built in features, for example you can use twitter @ and # tags or even type locate followed by a place to search Google maps. Roccat 3 + has FusedBar 2 which includes FusedBar suggestions. This allows you to search your history, bookmarks and Google suggestions as well as your recent sites. It also has a feature called TabSearch which enables you, to search and switch tabs, straight from the address bar.

Social Integration

Roccat has many social networking features, infact you can share sites with well over 20 social networks, straight from Roccat. Roccat also has the ability to update your Facebook status, no matter which tab you are on. This is thanks to the 'Facebook Status' feature. Roccat also has integration, so you can easily shorten URLs for Twitter and other social networks.


Roccat automatically removes around 99% of the webs adverts. Most web ad-blockers load the advert’s code and then blocks it. However, Roccat's Ad-Remover actually removes adverts before they load, meaning far quicker page loading times. Roccat's Ad-Remover is constantly improving and removing even more of the webs adverts.

What's New:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where Roccat crashed on exit for many users
  • Fixed the issue where Roccat would freeze on startup for some users
  • Fixed some Autofill issues


  • Improved RClouds backup time when quitting Roccat