Get music off your iPhone back into iTunes

CopyTrans makes it easy to recover iPod music and copies your iPhone content directly to your new or empty iTunes library. Run the application, connect your iPhone and start the backup. In one click all your iPhone music, videos, apps, playlists, artworks, tags etc will be transferred to iTunes and saved in your iTunes media folder.

Back up your iPhone, iPod and iPad content

Copy iPod music, videos, playlists, artworks and tags to external hard drives or any folder on your PC. Save your iPhone content to the computer and organize it the way you want. Sort songs and folders based on iPhone track fields like artist, album, genre etc. Once needed, you can simply import your backed up iPhone or iPod content to restore your iTunes library with songs, videos, playlists, artworks and metadata like ratings, date last played etc.

The smart way to restore your iTunes library

Thanks to our "Smart Backup" feature, CopyTrans matches your iTunes library content with the media on your iPod, iPad and iPhone. It automatically selects and transfers only iPhone tracks that are missing in your iTunes library and updates metadata like ratings, date last played etc. A complete iTunes library without duplicates, it's that easy!


  • Transfer all data from iPod to PC incl. songs, playlists, ratings, play counts, last played, etc.
  • Copy iPhone videos, movies, TV shows, apps, books and many more
  • Import audiobooks & podcasts (incl. subscriptions) from iPhone to iTunes
  • Transfer album artwork cover from all models of iPods, incl. iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Backup iPod music & restore it on PC with all personal settings
  • One click iPod import to iTunes. Copy, restore, recover and move from iPod to computer
  • Update iTunes with recent iPod changes (incremental backup)