Get a trusted software to transfer and save your music, messages, files and data. Safely back up any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Powerful and user-friendly, iMazing is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC. Get full control over your iOS device. Get iMazing.

Keep precious messages

Save, export and print your iPhone messages. Text messages, MMS, iMessages and attachments are safe with iMazing.

Simpler music transfers

Freely copy your music back and forth between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and your computer. No more iTunes syncs.

Easy access to your photos

Export your pictures and videos, without iCloud or iTunes. Save your favourite moments on your Mac or PC.

Smarter backups ( Free! )

Store your iPhone and iPad data thanks to a unique technology. With iMazing, you safely back up your device, even wirelessly.

Transfer your data to your new iPhone

Without iCloud or iTunes, you can copy everything or choose just the content you'd like to transfer. And keep a backup, just in case.

Transfer your files and documents

Move files and folders between your iPhone or iPad and your computer.

Manage your contacts

Directly copy all your contacts between your iPhone and your Mac or PC.

Exclusive app management solution

Download your apps (.ipa) to your computer. Back up and transfer app data.

Export Safari data

Access and export bookmarks, reading Lists and history to your computer.

Transfer ringtones to your iPhone

Customize ringtones, notifications and alert sounds.

Transfer and manage your books

Export your eBooks or PDFs from the Books app, import books from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

Access and export calendars

Export calendars to your computer in iCal, Excel or CSV format.

Export call history and voicemail

Access and export call logs, save your voicemail to your computer.

Transfer notes and voice memos

Access and export your iPhone notes and voice memos.

iMazing Configurator

Designed to help sys admins configure and provision fleets of Apple mobile devices.

What's New

iOS 15 is now fully supported

  • iMazing 2.13 introduced early support for iOS 15 betas. iMazing 2.14.3 is fully compatible with the final iOS 15 version.

New iPhone and iPad models supported

  • The new iPhone 13, iPad Classic and iPad Mini models are now supported.

Pegasus Detection

In this version, we are introducing a new tool which can detect traces left by known spyware such as the recent Pegasus surveillance tool. This feature is available in the free version of iMazing. Please refer to our blog post and documentation for more information:

  • Blog post:
  • Documentation:


  • Also new is a dedicated section for podcast management which allows importing and exporting podcasts just as easily as music tracks.

Improvement to Photos

  • The carousel view is now resizable. In general, scrolling should be notably smoother, and the entire experience just a tad more enjoyable.

Fixes and improvements in 2.14.6

  • iMazing Mini: optimized device info fetching to reduce battery usage on the device
  • File System: the iMazing folder is no longer automatically created in the Media folder. It will instead be created lazily when accessing the Documents folder at the root of the File System section
  • Notes: fixed case where attachments in notes created with iOS 15 could not be displayed

Fixes and improvements in 2.14.5

  • Manage Apps: fixed error when logging in to Apple ID (handles a recent change on Apple-side)
  • Photos: added handling of ProRes videos
  • Supervision: it is now possible to supervise a device without erasing it if a backup from another device was just restored to it
  • Backup Archiving: added additional checks to prevent automatic cleaning of older backup archives in specific scenarios
  • UI: moved Files dataset after Apps
  • Profile Editor: embedded version is now 1.5.2