ObjectDock is a program adds a "dock" to the Windows desktop. With ObjectDock, users can organize their programs, running tasks, widgets and much more onto their dock. This can save screen space and make accessing your stuff much easier. While functionality is what makes ObjectDock one of the most popular desktop utilities in the world (ObjectDock has over 2 million users worldwide), it provides its functionality in a highly polished way. The docks are skinnable, a variety of mouse-over effects are available such as zooming, glowing, spinning, and many others.


  • Put short-cuts on your dock
  • Display running tasks on your dock
  • Put docklets on your dock
  • Icons zoom on mouse-over
  • Change the appearance of the icons of running tasks and short-cuts
  • Position dock on any edge of the screen
  • Optionally represent running programs by snapshot of their window
  • Optionally hide Windows taskbar
  • Skinnable
  • Optional rocking icons on mouse over

What's New:

  • Access your shortcuts and applications from an animated dock
  • Drag and drop application launching
  • Create multiple docks
  • Robust dock customization option and skins from WinCustomize.com
  • Windows 8/7 support