1and1Mail is the most award-winning and lightweight email marketing software for small and medium businesses to create, schedule and send personalized mass email campaigns, manage email lists and design email newsletters. In a few minutes, your email would look magically professional and irresistible to your clients.

Auto IP Switcher - Proxy Servers

When you are sending mass emails, Auto IP Switcher can change your IP address automatically through different proxy servers so that your email accounts can avoid being blacklisted and you can send more emails out per day. It is most effective when you use multiple email accounts to send mass emails.

Auto IP Switcher - Network Redial

Network redial is another way to switch IP addresses when sending mass emails. It requires you to have a dial-up connection and DHCP network. 1and1Mail will automatically disconnect and reconnect to the internet to request a new IP address.

Random Time Lag

Random time lags or random sending frequency feature can allow email marketers to mimic manual sending. To your ISP, you are like sending each individual email manually, and you are not a machine or robot any more! Therefore, you are much less likely to get blocked or blacklisted by your email service providers. Random time lag feature is even available in 1and1Mail Free Edition! In the long run, we help you to save more money, compared with web-based solution.

Password Protection

Safeguard your mailing list database by setting role-based passwords. Administrators have access to all functions and all data, but Users cannot export data and change passwords. Nobody can sneak into your PC to steal your data again!

Email Template Downloader

Oftentimes, you find beautiful and professional email templates on some websites. With 1and1Mail Email Template Downloader, you are able to download these templates directly to your local PC and use them in your email marketing campaign to impress your clients. There is no need for import and export again. All pictures and layouts will be displayed exactly the same.

Multi Account Manager

Multi Account Manager boosts the number of emails you can send out per day and reduce the risk of being considered as a spammer. It also improves your email deliverability and email open rates by accurate grouping and segmentation.


WYSIWYG offers speed and ease of use to email newsletter building. It allows you to design your newsletters using a What You See Is What You Get interface - somewhat like a wordprocessor where you can see what your page will look like (mostly) as you type.

MIME Standard

MIME allows email marketers to send a HTML email together with a plain text version. Although nowadays most email clients and email platforms can read HTML version without a problem, the existence of the plain text version is still a strong indicator that the sender is from a legitimate and trustful source.

Email Personalization

You can send out personalized messages to your customers in email subject, salutation and email body. As research shows, personalization of emails can significantly boost the open rate and response rate of the email campaign. That's exactly what you want, isn't it?

Contact Management

1and1Mail allows you to create unlimited groups of contacts in the address book. You can easily import email contacts from external files (.XSL .CSV, .TXT) and also export the contacts. You can also customize fields in the address book to meet your business needs.

Free SMTP Delivery

The biggest advantage of on-premises email marketing software is that there is no charge per message sent. With a reasonable amount of investment, you can continuously grow your business through mass email campaigns.

Multi-threaded Sending

The multi-threaded mode of 1and1Mail allows multiple simultaneous connections to mail servers. It can significantly increase the delivery speed by sending out different email campaigns at the same time without lowering the Inbox Placement Rate.