Free Torrent Download is an easy-to-use, powerful and yet free program that includes all the functions a torrent downloader will ever need. Here are just some of them:

  • specially designed for fast and easy downloads which don't interfere with Skype, playing games, streaming videos, etc.;
  • no speed or size limit;
  • suitable for beginners as it has a guide that simplifies its usage;
  • simple management of torrent downloads;
  • configuration settings to please an advanced user;
  • fast downloading and super-efficient installation due to its small size;
  • simple and user-friendly interface, etc.

Moreover, a big variety of options allows you to set the configuration to your liking. You may do the following:

  • start torrent downloader when system starts;
  • choose the location of downloaded files;
  • use other ports and networks when the main server is unavailable;
  • configurate proxy setting;
  • set queue and download limits.

Note: Free Torrent Download does not contain spyware or adware. It's absolutely free and completely safe to install and run but please make sure to read all the windows in the installation process to opt out of additional software that is not neccesary for this program to run.