Just download it, and start using. No registration, no login, no yet another password to remember.

Fun to use

Keyboard (and mouse) shortcuts allows for convenient and fast browsing through articles.

When you launch the app see what's behind this icon.


You can tag any article with any tag you like.

Very convenient for organized people :)

Works offline

All articles are stored on your computer, so you don't need internet connection to read them later.

Respects your privacy

The app keeps all data on your own computer, and only there. No servers somewhere in the internet involved.

Sputnik is donationware

It means existence of this project is possible thanks to donations, and it means 2 great things to you:

  1. You first install and use Sputnik, then at any moment can donate (try the same with proprietary software).
  2. Price is up to you. You decide how much Sputnik is worth. It could be $15, it could be $5, it could be $0.

What's New:

  • Sputnik now can deal with OPML files generated by RSSOwl
  • Important Bugfix: articles data loss not possible if application closed in inappropriate moment (please update to this
  • Bugfix: application works behind proxy
  • Bugfix: application works better on sluggish internet connection
  • Bugfix: while adding new feed, error informations was sometimes misleading
  • Bugfix: renaming categories in "organize" was sometimes broken
  • Bugfix: "checking what's new" could get stuck on certain feeds