Applications that collect data from RSS-compliant sites are called RSS readers or "aggregators." RSSOwl is such an application. RSSOwl lets you gather, organize, update, and store information from any compliant source in a convenient, easy to use interface, save selected information in various formats for offline viewing and sharing, and much more. It's easy to configure, available in many many languages and the best of all: It's platform-independent.


You can download and use RSSOwl for free without limitations

Cross Platform

RSSOwl can be used on all major platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

News Filter

Automate common actions on news items based on powerful search conditions

Instant Search

Never miss a news anymore with RSSOwl's powerful search engine

Saved Searches

Searches can be saved and used like feeds


Be notified on news you care about most

News Bins

Store news you think are worth keeping inside news bins


Use Labels to associate keywords with news entries

What's New:

RSSOwl 2.0 is the next major release with a lot of new and exciting features. The idea to work on a completely new RSSOwl was born back in Summer 2005. At that time it became clear to me that it was very hard to catch up with the features of other readers without redesigning everything. I teamed up with another developer (Ismael) to work on RSSOwl 2 from scratch. Our main goal is to provide a newsreader that is powerful, easy to extend and easy to use. We chose the Eclipse Rich Client Platform as framework and db4o as powerful database to store all the news. In combination with the well-known full-text search engine Lucene, we are able to give you the best experience of reading, managing and seeing through all your news.