Unified Remote is an app that lets you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer. Check out our hardware section for a list of officially support hardware extensions. We also provide extensive capabilities for users to create their own custom remotes for their needs.

Unified Remote Client App

The client app runs on your device. Currently we support Android and Windows Phone. We aim to release apps for even more platforms in the future, such as iPhone, Windows 8, HTML5/JS.

Unified Remote Server App

The server application runs on your computer. Currently we only support Windows. We are currently working on a new server, which will be compatible on Windows, Linux, and OSX.

Hardware Extensions

We also support some hardware extensions:

  • NFC
  • TellStick


  1. Download the app from your smartphone (choose Android or Windows Phone).
  2. Download the file in the Windows Server button on the Windows PC you want to control.
  3. Install both and choose your PC from your smartphone.

Custom Remotes

Other programs and your computer and other external hardware can be controlled by making your own custom implementation using Custom Remotes and Custom Actions (using C#/VB).

Full list of features here.

What's New

  • Windows and macOS server updated to
  • Android version updated to 3.23.0
  • Fixed widget export.
  • Added ability to re-add widgets.
  • Fixed IP issue with multiple servers.
  • Fixed crash in Send Text and Spotify Adv.