Capture Everything

Click to capture your screen and release to instantly upload the image. The link to the image page is copied to your clipboard automatically. You can share anything on screen right away.

Share Faster than a Ninja

Simply paste the link into chat, facebook, twitter, tumblr, or anywhere else you want. Share screenshots with a small team or a big social network, across all connected devices.

Now Make Instant Gifs & Video

You can now also capture animated GIFs easily and instantly. Simply click the new GIF icon to record a section of the screen for up to 7 seconds.

What's New:

Many of you told us you want to capture a screenshot and not have a tab open. We heard you and have added a cool new feature to do just that in today’s update for Windows users. This is a perfect way to use Gyazo when you are in the middle of something else such as working, watching a stream, or playing a game.

I’m calling it a ghost shot in honor of the fun no face ninja character above. Here is how it works:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Click to begin selection.
  3. Hold shift.
  4. Release the click.

Now you can easily screenshot without a tab opening and the link is still copied to your clipboard automatically.