• PPU color emphasis and monochrome mode.
  • Gameplay joypad data logging, also known as NES movies.
  • Save states, at any time.
  • GUI and configuration file auto generated.
  • Sound recording in WAV format.
  • Built-in 6502 CPU disassembler.
  • Pseudo stereo sound output.
  • Famiclone-style sound output.
  • Various screen blitters with stretched and scanlined modes.
  • Video triple buffering in full screen, avoiding screen tearing effect.
  • Almost any NES PPU/CPU memory dumping.
  • Palette RAM viewer.

What's New:

  • Fixed graphics modes, switching to fullscreen always use the desktop resolution.
  • Fixed bitmap blitters 2x stretched to 640x480.
  • Fixed toggling fullscreen and windowed modes.
  • In windowed mode, changing the blitter adjusts the window size.
  • Fixed a problem with palette startup.