Nestopia is the current king of the NES emulation hill. It uses highly optimized cycle exact emulation, allowing it to run titles that rely on precise timing, many of which break under inferior emulators. This accurate emulation does come at a cost; Nestopia requires a minimum of a 600MHz machine for full speed; but if you have one, this the best available NES emulation.

Nestopia was initially developed for Windows by Martin Freij. The original sources may be downloaded from the Nestopia home page. The toolkit used to develop the Macintosh port, including the bridge code to link it to Nestopia, will be available in the longer term from my developer pages. Certain portions are available now, and more will be added in the future. Further information is also available from the enclosed Read Me file.

What's New:

  • Shell Additions:
    • New cheat dialog features and improvements.
    • Automatic cheat load/save support in Paths dialog.
    • Option to mute sound when running in alt. speed mode.
  • Shell Changes:
    • Icon improvements by Pongbashi.
    • Default fullscreen resolution depending on monitor's aspect ratio.
    • Refactoring.
  • Shell Fixes:
    • Various minor things.
  • Core Additions:
    • Preliminary Dendy console support. Fixes Magistr (Subor) and some other 'clone exclusives'. Info from Flamer and HardWareMan.
    • DMC DMA read conflicts. Info from blargg and bunnyboy.
    • Mapper 177, 179, 219 and 221. Info from CaH4e3.
    • Database entries.
  • Core Changes:
    • Better and more flexible PPU address line implementation at the expense of some speed.
    • Database entries.
    • Refactoring.
  • Core Fixes:
    • Wrong palette sometimes when switching to/from VS images.
    • Wrong image information sometimes, e.g. battery when there isn't any.
    • Save state NTSC/PAL mode saving.
    • Minor save state inaccuacy fix with tape recording.