The Leap Motion Controller is a small device that enables you to use your hands' motions to control your computer in an alternative and novel way with the help of its advanced motion sensors (2 cameras and 3 infrared LEDs).

The Leap Motion Controller enables you to use your hands for doing almost everything on your Mac, from reading articles, browsing the web, flipping through photos, drawing and painting with your hands, to sculpting, molding, stretching and building 3D objects.

In order to use the controller, you must first install the Leap Motion application on your Mac. The Leap Motion app is the software part that works with the hardware team to complete the whole hand-controller-Mac motion interaction process.

Note that, Leap Motion comes with two additional apps such as Leap Motion App Home that provides you with easy access to all Leap Motion applications, and the Leap Motion Orientation app that will help you lean the basic behavior movements for the controller.

After the installation, Leap Motion will take an inconspicuous place in the status bar menu. The menu bar item is specially useful for setting up and customizing the way you interact and with the Leap Motion Controller, and how the controller itself interacts with your computer.