Note: Some malware detectors have flagged one or more versions of this program, while most others have labeled them as safe. We've contacted the developer and are waiting for an answer. At this point, we cannot confirm if this is only a false positive however the developer is generally reputable.

Multi-language Support

Support for Less, Sass, CoffeeScript and Compass Framework.

Real-time Compilation

Listening files, compile automatically when the file changes, that everything is running in the background without user action.

Compile Options

Support set the compiler options for each file.

Project Settings

Support for the project to create a global configuration, set the same compiler options for the files.

Error Notification

If encountered an error during compilation, koala will pop up the error message.


Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

What's New:

  • Enhance the windows installer (fixes #638)
  • Update autoprefix to v7.1.6
  • Update clean-css to v4.1.9
  • Update coffee-script to v1.12.7
  • Update postcss to v6.0.14
  • Update uglify-js to v3.1.9
  • Update uglify-es to v3.1.9
  • Update sass to v3.5.2 (fixes #697)
  • Replace setting GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH with Gem.paths. (fixes #679)
  • Add support for distinguishing UglifyJS errors from bugs. (fixes #645)
  • Add Polish language. (Thanks to @djmassive) (#693)
  • Fix French translation. (Thanks to @NumEricR) (#485, #486)
  • Add Persian language. (Thanks to @mw2017) (#494)
  • Add Korean language. (Thanks to @k22pr) (#660)