RSS Guard is simple (yet powerful) feed reader. It is able to fetch the most known feed formats, including RSS/RDF and ATOM. RSS Guard is developed on top of the Qt library and it supports these operating systems:

  • Windows Vista and newer,
  • GNU/Linux,
  • Mac OS X,
  • Android (buildable and running).

RSS Guard is written in C++. It is pretty fast even with tons of messages loaded. The core features are:

  • support for online feed synchronization via plugins,
    • Tiny Tiny RSS (from RSS Guard 3.0.0),
    • ownCloud News (from RSS Guard 3.1.0),
    • Inoreader (from RSS Guard 3.5.0),
    • Gmail with e-mail sending (incoming).
  • multiplatformity,
  • support for all feed formats,
  • simple internal Chromium-based web viewer (or alternative version with simpler and more lightweight internal viewer),
  • simplicity,
  • import/export of feeds to/from OPML 2.0,
  • downloader with own tab and support for up to 6 parallel downloads,
  • message filter with regular expressions,
  • very fast parallelized feed updates,
  • feed metadata fetching including icons,
  • no crazy dependencies,
  • ability to cleanup internal message database with various options,
  • ability to tweak columns in displayed list of messages,
  • enhanced feed auto-updating with separate time intervals,
  • multiple data backend support,
    • SQLite (in-memory DBs too),
    • MySQL.
  • ability to specify target database by its name (MySQL backend),
  • “portable” mode support with clever auto-detection,
  • feed categorization,
  • drap-n-drop for feed list,
  • automatic checking for updates,
  • full support of podcasts (both RSS & ATOM),
  • ability to backup/restore database or settings,
  • fully-featured recycle bin,
  • can be controlled via keyboard,
  • feed authentication (BASIC),
  • handles tons of messages & feeds,
  • sweet look & feel,
  • fully adjustable toolbars (changeable buttons and style),
  • ability to check for updates on all platforms + self-updating on Windows,
  • hideable main menu, toolbars and list headers,
  • Feanza-based default icon themes,
  • fully skinnable user interface + ability to create your own skins,
  • newspaper view,
  • support for feed:// URI scheme,
  • ability to hide list of feeds/categories,
  • open-source development model based on GNU GPL license, version 3,
  • tabbed interface,
  • desktop integration via tray icon,
  • localizations to some languages,
  • Qt library is the only dependency,
  • open-source development model and friendly author waiting for your feedback,
  • no ads, no hidden costs.

What's New:

  • Added correct @executable_path to librssguard.dylib to make .dmg bundles running more correctly on Mac OS X.


  • Internal message web viewer (and also lighter message text viewer) now support (#63) text searching. How to use:
    1. Select some messages, it now gets displayed in internal viewer.
    2. Give focus to internal viewer (click somehwere in it).
    3. Press standard "find" keyboard shortcut (CTRL+F on Windows).
    4. Search box appears on the bottom if internal message previewer.
  • New context menu internal web viewer action to open links in ext. browser (#80)
  • New bindable menu action Messages -> Enable message preview, which can disable opening message preview in internal web viewer. (#141)


  • Displaying correct update files. (#155)