Why Etcher?

Here at resin.io we have thousands of users working through our getting started process and until recently we were embarassed about the steps that involved burning an SD card. There was a separate track for each Mac/Windows/Ubuntu and several manual and error prone steps along the way.

To our surprise there was nothing out there that fitted our needs. So we built balenaEtcher, a SD card burner app that is simple for end users, extensible for developers, and works on any platform.

Validated Burning

No more writing images on corrupted cards and wondering why your device isn't booting.

Hard Drive Friendly

Makes drive selection obvious to avoid wiping your entire hard-drive

Beautiful Interface

Who said burning SD cards has to be an eyesore.

Open Source

Made with JS, HTML, node.js and Electron. Dive in and contribute!

Cross Platform

Works for everyone, no more complicated install instructions.

More on the way

50% faster burns, simultaneous writing for multiple drives. View our roadmap

What's New:

  • Rename mac releases (keep old naming) [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Disable spectron tests on macOS [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron to v12.0.2 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Fix getAppPath() returning an asar file on macOS [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Grammar fix [Andrew Scheller]
  • (docs) update README.md [vlad doster]
  • Update copyright year in electron-builder.yml [Andrew Scheller]
  • Update copyright year in .resinci.json [Andrew Scheller]
  • Separate the Yum and DNF instructions. [Dugan Chen]
  • Set msvs_version to 2019 when rebuilding [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Use moduleIds: 'natural' in webpack config to keep js files in arm64 and x64 mac builds identical [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron-builder to 22.10.5 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update spectron to v13 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update dependencies, use aws4-axios@2.2.1 to avoid adding more dependiencies [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update scripts to build universal mac dmgs on the ci [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Fix beforeBuild.js script to also work on mac [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Support building universal dmgs (x64 and arm64) for mac [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron-builder to 22.10.4 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Fix titlebar z-index [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Explicitly set contextIsolation to false [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron from 9.4.1 to 11.2.3 [Alexis Svinartchouk]