Completely redesigned for better performance and expanded functionality, StuffIt Standard solves all your basic compression needs!

* StuffIt Expander® allows you to access any file, download, or attachment
* DropStuff™ creates self-expanding files for Mac® and Windows®, .zip archives for Windows users, and .tar archives with StuffIt, BZIP, GZIP, or UNIX compression.
* FREE, fully-functional, 30-day trial available!

More Room On Your Drive! Shrink documents up to 98% of their original size! Free tons of space on your hard disk and your flash drive! Save more compressed files onto CDs or DVDs!

Compress JPEG Photos and Images by up to 30%! With its revolutionary new Image compression technology, StuffIt archives what no other compression product has been able to do - reduce the size of JPEG photos and images up to 30% with absolutely no loss in image quality!

Where existing archive technologies such as zip are unable to further compress JPEG pictures, StuffIt's patent-pending technology enables users to fit more onto CDs, DVDs, and other storage and backup media. This provides significant bandwidth saving for professionals, businesses, hobbyists or anyone looking to share images over the Internet or on the network!

Strong Encryption! Users now have to enter a password to view the contents of an encrypted StuffIt X archive, but unlike previous "whole archive encryption" implementations, once a password has been entered, the contents of encrypted StuffIt X archives can be changed.

Strong Encrypted Zip Support
StuffIt now allows you to open Zip files encrypted using the 256bit AES method!

.Mac Support! StuffIt now allows users to create dropboxes that can send and retrieve files from a .Mac iDisk.

Backup Data Fast! Now StuffIt is the easiest way to protect your data, or your whole hard disk. Schedule backups to run automatically while you sleep, and StuffIt will even send you a confirmation message to assure you your data is safe.

Integrated CD & DVD Burning! StuffIt tells you where the archive is being created and puts the ability to burn CDs, DVDs, or any removable media of your choice at your fingertips!

Segment Files Across Disks! StuffIt will automatically split your archives across multiple disks!

Protect Your Secrets! Super-strong 512-bit encryption and password protection ensures your data's privacy. Now a password is required to browse the contents of an archive.

Safe & Secure! StuffIt self-repairs archived data, keeping it safe from transmission and media errors.

Extensive Help Files! Freshly updated and comprehensive help files in HTML and PDF formats.