Your computer's garbage includes a lot of objects (for example, cache and temporary files of various programs and Windows OS itself), internet cookie files, internet browsing history, logs, index.dat files, registry entries, etc. Those objects are scattered throughout your computer, usually in hidden system folders, wasting gigabytes of precious disk space.

Easy, intuitive interface

To perform professional operations, you do not need to be a highly tech-savvy person. The program's interface is so simple that even newbie users can operate it. It is completely intuitive. No need for concern; we know you can do it.

Cleans all cache

Each program you use (Windows OS, browser, Notepad, Word, Calculator) leaves behind some temporary files or registry records about your activity. This cache requires extra disk space and regular maintenance. Valuable system resources will be wasted in order to index that cache, make changes to it, check if it is up-to-date, remove its obsolete elements, etc. Just think... your browser maintains over 10,000 cached images of previously visited websites, ones you may never visit again, and your browser always indexes them, checks them, and maintains them. Do you really want this?
Click here to view a complete list of supported cache areas.

What's New:

In this release we are changing notification interval about Professional version. You will see less popup windows that offer you premium subscription. Enjoy!

  • New feature: manage detected applications! From now on you can enable or disable applications which is supported by our program. Just open program settings and navigate to the last section. This option have two benefits: you won't see in the list apps that you don't want to clean. And! The most important! Startup of the program will be much much faster! For example, if you have Windows 10, why we're still trying to detect Windows XP, 7, Vista and 8? No more! Disable detection of unnecessary apps now and get maximum performance!
  • Improved cleaning in Windows OS: added cache of application compatibility.
  • Improved cleaning in Windows OS: log of pending operations.
  • We made some visual re-arrangements on the main screen and on the settings screen, they have less words now.
  • The program has been signed by new secure code signing certificate.
  • Added link to view all supported areas on the "Detailed" window.
  • German translation has been corrected by human.
  • Greek translation has been corrected by human.
  • Polish translation has been corrected by human.
  • French translation has been corrected by human.
  • Famous phrases are now displayed depending on the day, thus you will see new great quotes every week.
  • Other minor changes to the code.