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Built with Love, Right at Home on your Desktop

Global media key support, a high-quality audio path, and a permanent home in your tray.

Gapless Playback

No more buzz kill when listening to live albums. Seamlessly transition between tracks on an album.


Beautiful animations for music, with key colors extracted from album art.

Loudness Leveling & Smart Transitions

Stop reaching for the volume knob. Loudness is normalized and smart transition points are computed between tracks, ensuring optimal listening flow.

SoundPrints & Waveform Seeking

Enjoy beautiful graphical views of songs, and seek easily to specific places in a song.

Library & Artist Radio

Explore your library in new ways with Library Radio, Time Travel Radio, and Artist Radio.

What's New:


  • Downloads for Apple Silicon now available 56!
  • Selectable album layout on artist screen (list, grid, carousel).
  • Android Auto: Prioritize rating control over seek actions for music.
  • Android Auto: Upgrade home screen.


  • Better refreshing of home screen in background.
  • Tracks could be improperly skipped in some rare cases.
  • Memory leaks.
  • Retry for longer after failures when network comes online.
  • Clear search data after logging out.
  • CarPlay: Buttons were occasionally missing.
  • CarPlay: Images could be smaller/blurry.
  • CarPlay: List all albums for artist from Now Playing screen (not just main releases).
  • CarPlay: Improve reliability of artwork.
  • CarPlay: Omit Sonic Adventure from the Stations list.
  • Carplay/Auto: offline items weren’t browseable.
  • Sonic Adventure: Show error if tracks not analyzed.
  • Sonic Adventure: Play seed tracks if no journey is computed.
  • Sonic Adventure: improve heuristic which prevents duplicate tracks.
  • Android: Hide unsupported “Blurred Action Bar” appearance setting.
  • Android: Adjust player poster size to account for devices with shorter displays.
  • Fix removal of last item of playlist. Thanks u/tangsgod for reporting!
  • Improve performance of context menus.
  • Improve layout of various screens and user interface components.
  • Improve performance when scrolling through large lists.
  • Downloaded list item can be pressed after swiping row to close.
  • Android: Improve performance when navigating to a downloaded album screen.
  • Improved grid sizing on smaller mobile devices.
  • Fix alignment of explicit lyric badges for grid items.
  • Improve clarity and layout of hub headers.
  • Chromecast would not work with custom domains.
  • Fix vertical centering of items in some cases.
  • Fix TIDAL artist radio regression.
  • Offline playback is counted at 50% instead of 90%.