It's time we rethink team communication

Stride is redefining the way teams move work forward, together.

Finally, a messaging tool that delivers results

Make talking about doing. Turn your next great conversation into action by creating and assigning tasks in your Stride rooms.

Face to face is just a click away

Feeling stuck in chat? Instantly move any conversation to a video conference. Turn a discussion into a presentation with screen sharing from any video meeting. Best of all, Stride Meetings go with you anywhere, from desktop to mobile.

Stop talking. Start doing

Deep work is only a click away. Mute all notifications and distractions by going into Focus Mode. Decide how and when you're alerted of new activity in Stride. Customize notifications by room and device. Show teammates what you're up to with status messages and simple ways to show your availability.

Liberate yourself from your desk

Don't let your work tie you down. Work how and where you want with Stride apps on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web.

Group video conferencing

Start a video conference from any room or chat. Invite anyone to join with meeting links or IDs.

Voice calling

For when you're having a bad hair day, start a voice call instead. Even call their phone.

Group screen sharing

Lost for words? Let your work do the talking. Share your screen with up to 20 teammates.

Set notifications by room

Some team chat rooms are more important than others. Amp up the noise on some and turn it down on others.

Share your status

Show teammates if you're available or you need to focus by setting your status. Choose "busy" mode to stop all notifications.

Get in the zone

We all need time to concentrate. Use Focus Mode to mute all new activity and notifications. Then see a summary of what you missed.