Steam Library Manager is a tool to manage your Steam Libraries quick and easy. With SLM you can administrate all of your games and backups from one place. Drag and drop between libraries and backup folders with ease. Works with existing Steam Backups or opt to use SLM's open system for fast updates and quick access to game files.

Benefits to using SLM over Steam Backup:

  • Backups can be updated quickly. No need to recreate the entire backup from scratch.
  • Backup files are open and easily accessible.
  • Workshop content and mods such as ENB, ReShade, and SweetFX get backed up automatically.
  • Faster backups, faster restores, works with or without Steam running.
  • Compression is available for those who want to keep things lean.
  • Built-in library cleaner for leftovers.

SLM is licensed under MIT license which makes it completely free and 100% open source