Unlike the Nvidia custom installation, you can unselect packages like "Stereo 3D Glasses", "USB-C", Notebook Optimizations or Telemetry from the Nvidia drivers.

This not only keeps things tidy, but also lowers disk usage and memory footprint.

What's New:

  • Added detection for notebooks to suggest the most appropriate driver
  • Added ability to mod INF file to support additional graphics devices, like notebooks without official drivers
  • Added experimental option to disable driver telemetry
  • Added "show all versions" checkbox to override hardware detection
  • Fixed GFE showing up as selectable component, even though it was removed in a previous run
  • Fixed Display.nView / Quadro View not getting detected properly
  • Fixed unknown packages not getting installed, even when selected
  • Massively improved download speeds during first 30% of installation
  • Fixed crash on startup when Microsoft Task Scheduler service is not running