HJSplit is a file splitting program for Windows 11, 10, XP, 7, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME, and all 64bit editions of Windows. HJSplit is able to split files of any type and any size.

HJSplit has a simple and straight forward interface with three functions: split, join and compare files.

The Split function allows you to select a file and split it into the desire pieces the desired amount of pieces. For example, if you select a *.exe file that is 5MB and input that you want 1000KB files, you will get five *.exe files of 1000KB each. Split files have the number designation of 001, 002, 003 and so after their extension.

The Join function allows you to select a .001 file and join all the other files that follow within the same directory to create a whole file once again.

Finally, the Compare option allows you to compare two files to see if they are exactly the same.