Toleron SchedInspector application aims for helping people to stay on
schedule with minimum efforts spending. Such useful features as e-mail
messages sending and mailbox periodical checking are provided together with
essential desktop notifications and custom programs scheduled execution.
Built as native Windows application, SchedInspector uses system tray and
lots of generic Windows features along with authentic user interface design
and ergonomics. Basic approach used to create SchedInspector was user
friendliness and convenience. SchedInspector users are able to schedule
often used operations with single form that is very user friendly and kind.

SchedInspector features:
* Quick and easy schedule monitoring
* Single screen for scheduled operation settings management
* Fits the system tray
* Flexible schedule settings
* Different start-up types
* Event sounds support
* Multiple recipients for mail messages
* Supports different types of authentication for outgoing mailings
* Scheduled action lifetime management
* Temporary disable switch
* Notification windows are always on top

Toleron Software hopes that SchedInspector will help our customers to make
their lives easier and discover number of advantages using this product and
other products from Toleron.