Intel Application Optimization is a new policy within Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology framework that determines and directs application resource optimization in real-time for Intel-based 14 Gen Core Platform systems. This software policy optimizes thread scheduling along with application threading for select applications and may provide additional performance for those titles. Intel recommends Application Optimization for 14th Gen Core Platforms or newer, if supported by your motherboard, in order to have the best out of the box experience.

Intel Application Optimizer User Interface is an optional part of Intel Application Optimization that allows users to see which games are optimized and to turn off optimizations they do not want. Users may disable optimizations on an application-specific game or global basis under "Enable/Disable Individual Applications" tab. This list will vary from user to user, depending on the games detected and optimized by Intel.

Compact view of the application:

Expanded view with detected applications list (example only). This list will vary for from user to user.

Intel Application Optimization Requirements

  • Installation and enablement of Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (Intel DTT) should be available for supported systems, and available through motherboard system manufacturers.
  • BIOS Camarillo PCI device option enabled by default. Refer to your OEMs for support if this option is not available.
  • Operating system: Windows 10, 11

Processors supported by Intel Application Optimization

  • Intel Core i9 processor 14900K
  • Intel Core i9 processor 14900KF
  • Intel Core i9 processor 14900HX
  • Intel Core i7 processor 14700K
  • Intel Core i7 processor 14700KF
  • Intel Core i7 processor 14700HX