TweakNow WinSecret Plus is an all-in-one application that will improve your experience with Windows 11 and 10.


WinIcon Generator

  • Create Windows Icon from Any PNG or JPG Image.

QR Code Creator

  • Create QR Code for text, link, email, WhatsApp, SMS, Call, WiFi.

Bulk Image Converter

  • Convert multiple images to another format (jpg, png, tiff, or webp), Convert multiple images into single PDF file.

Auto Wallpaper Changer

  • Automatically change app and system theme mode to light or dark

Find Duplicate

  • Find and remove duplicate files

Folder Size Analyzer

  • Figure out which files or folders who taking up your hard drive space

My Tray Icon

  • Special tray icon that helps you quickly access Windows settings

Process Manager

  • View detail information about all running processes and change priority level for specified process

Registry Cleaner

  • Safely clean unused items from Windows Registry

Secure Delete

  • Completely and securely delete sensitive file from your hard drive

Shortcut Keys

  • Create keyboard shortcuts for quickly opening apps, folder, or websites

Smart Shortcut

  • Automatically specified priority level for your favourite apps

System Information

  • Show detail information about your system

Track Cleaner

  • Protect your privacy by eliminating traces of your digital activities

Transparent Taskbar

  • Make your Windows Taskbar completely transparent


  • Fix problem with Internet connection, icon, thumbnail, and Microsoft Store

Windows Secret

  • Safely and easily explore Windows hidden settings

What's New

  • General: added a new module, WinIcon Generator.
  • WinIcon Generator: create Windows Icon from Any PNG or JPG Image.
  • General: due to changes to the Windows API, third party app no longer able to properly change color mode to dark or light. Therefore, Auto Dark module is no longer available.
  • Bulk Image Converter: fixed problem with image preview.