Release 510 is the latest Production Branch release of the Nvidia RTX Enterprise Driver. This new driver provides improvements over the previous branch in the areas of application performance, API interoperability (e.g., OpenCL/Vulkan), and application power management.

Production Branch drivers are designed and tested to provide long-term stability and availability, making these drivers ideal for enterprise customers and other users who require application and hardware certification from ISVs and OEMs respectively.

The Production Branch driver is a superset of the Nvidia Studio Driver and provides all the benefits of the Studio Driver of the same version, in addition to Nvidia RTX-specific enhancements and testing.

New Features in Version 510 U4

  • Added support for the following GPUs
    • Nvidia RTX A5500
    • Nvidia RTX A4000H

Support for new Studio features:

  • Nvidia Canvas - preset filters (i.e., Styles) that modify the look and feel of the painting can now be modified in up to ten different variations, giving more power and flexibility for utilizing advanced AI to quickly turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images

Nvidia Omniverse

  • Support for editing Adobe Substance formats in real-time through the Substance 3D Painter Connector and Substance 3D Material extension
  • Added ability for artists to toggle between their favorite Hydra renderers (e.g., Blender Cycles, Chaos V-Ray, Maxon Redshift, and OTOY Octane) within the Omniverse viewport; enabled through the Omniverse Extension Manager
  • Integrated Nvidia Maxine body pose estimation feature into Omniverse Machinima to provide ability to track and capture motion in real time using a single camera-without MoCap suit
  • Support for Cinema4D USD, compatible with OmniDrive, unlocking Omniverse workflows for visualization specialists
  • Blender 3.1 - added support for USD preview surface material export, making it easier to move assets between USD supported apps, including Omniverse
  • Luxion Keyshot 11 - support for 3D paint customization directly on model surfaces for more realism, optional material management and color options, and ability to record physics of object for keyframe animation
  • GPU Audio, Inc. - added NVIDIA GPU based VST filter to remove extreme frequencies and improve sound quality

Fixed Issues in Version 510 U4

  • [Adobe Premiere Pro]: Adobe Media Encoder could crash due to out of memory error when encoding multiple R3D 8k files.
  • [Adobe Substance Sampler/Stager]: Fixed Optimus profile to run on dGPU by default.
  • [Enscape]: Shadow rendering is incorrect.
  • [OpenGL][Siemens Teamcenter Visualization:] GL shader compile broken when GLSL set to version 4.2 or later.
  • [Zerolight][DirectX12]: Flickering occurs due to background shader processing.
  • [Solidworks Visualize Boost]: Installation of the application triggers the CUDA_MAX policy which restricts the maximum power state even when the app is not launched.
  • [Foundry Nuke]: CUDA and OpenCL kernel return incorrect result.

Supported Products:

Quadro RTX Series:

  • Quadro RTX 8000
  • Quadro RTX 6000
  • Quadro RTX 5000
  • Quadro RTX 4000
  • Quadro RTX 3000

Quadro RTX Series (Notebooks):

  • Quadro RTX 5000
  • Quadro RTX 4000
  • Quadro RTX 3000

Quadro Series:

  • Quadro GV100
  • Quadro GP100
  • Quadro P6000
  • Quadro P5200
  • Quadro P5000
  • Quadro P4000
  • Quadro P2200
  • Quadro P2000
  • Quadro P1000
  • Quadro P620
  • Quadro P600
  • Quadro P400
  • Quadro M6000 24GB
  • Quadro M6000
  • Quadro M5000
  • Quadro M4000
  • Quadro M2000
  • Quadro K6000
  • Quadro K5200
  • Quadro K5000
  • Quadro K4000
  • Quadro K4200
  • Quadro K2200
  • Quadro K2000
  • Quadro K2000D
  • Quadro K1200
  • Quadro K620
  • Quadro K600
  • Quadro K420
  • Quadro 410

Quadro Series (Notebooks):

  • Quadro T2000
  • Quadro T1000
  • Quadro P5200
  • Quadro P5000
  • Quadro P4200
  • Quadro P3200
  • Quadro P4000
  • Quadro P3000
  • Quadro P2000
  • Quadro P1000
  • Quadro P600
  • Quadro P520
  • Quadro P500
  • Quadro M2200
  • Quadro M1200
  • Quadro M620
  • Quadro M520
  • Quadro M5500
  • Quadro M5000M
  • Quadro M4000M
  • Quadro M3000M
  • Quadro M2000M
  • Quadro M1000M
  • Quadro M600M
  • Quadro M500M
  • Quadro K2200M
  • Quadro K620M

Quadro Blade/Embedded Series :

  • Quadro P5000
  • Quadro P3000
  • Quadro P2000
  • Quadro P1000
  • Quadro M5000 SE
  • Quadro M3000 SE

Quadro NVS Series:

  • NVS 810, NVS 510

Quadro Sync Series:

  • Quadro Sync II, Quadro Sync

NVS Series:

  • NVS 810, NVS 510