Samsung 22X SATA DVD writer supports powerful over speed performance which allows writing with the high speed of 22X on a low cost 16X media. Our aerodynamic frame design helps to reduce the acoustic noise. You will be amazed how quiet when the drive is running.

What's New:

  • Improved Product performance

SpeedPlus powerful over-speed technology for 22X writing

  • Powerful over-speed support.
  • Low noise and vibration control system for high speed.
  • Optimized algorithm for fastest speed

S.A.T. (Speed Adjustment Technology)

Diverse quality discs in the market. But just click to burn with no worries when you use Samsung WriteMasterâ„¢ smart enough to write in the most optimized speed for the disc automatically.

Tilt Actuator Compensation Technology (T.A.C.T.)

For reliable writing in all areas of the disc. Give an accurate tilt in the objective lens to compensate the disc twist.

Double OPC (Optimum Power Control) in DVD+R

Usually the outer side of the disc has lower writing quality because of vibration and swaying of the disc makes the servo signal worse. But double OPC enables to check the writing quality, changes the laser power not only in the inner but also in the outer side before writing for the reliable performance.