What's New:

Security Fixes

  • Updated TrendMicro security engine.
  • Fixed CVE-2015-6949 buffer overflow issue, special thanks for Elvis Collado at DVLabs.
  • Fixed Host and User-Agent parameter buffer overflows, special thanks for Elvis Collado at Praetorian
  • Fixed Web server URL handler buffer overflow, special thanks for Tim Yeh and Kenney Lu at TrendMicro.
  • Enhanced router login password and wireless password(WPA2) strength check method to against brute-force attack.
  • Reject administrator to set too easy to guess login and wireless password to avoid brute-force attack.

New Features

  • Time scheduling, Web & App filter, Wireless MAC filter client drop down menu can show offline devices.
  • Web history and traffic analyzer can show device name.


  • Added Meo and Movistar ISP profile.
  • Adjusted Guest network mac filter maximum client number to 16
  • Allow paste password on login page to fulfil some password management softwares requirement.
  • Show current control channel while value is auto.
  • Bandwidth limiter can accept decimal point.
  • Unnecessary to reboot router after set allow only spcified IP address to enter GUI.
  • Adaptive QoS can now be enabled without assigned upload/ download bandwidth.


  • Fixed setup wizard IE11 compatibility issue.
  • Fixed Adaptive QoS game mode GUI issue.
  • Fixed Traffic Analyzer GUI issue.
  • Fixed OpenVPN connection status display error.


  • Ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi router with a combined tri-band data rate of 3200Mbit/s for smooth up to 4K/UHD video playback, ultra-fast file-sharing for large files and low-latency online gaming.
  • Tri-Band Smart Connect automatically selects the fastest of the three available frequency bands for each device, based on the device's speed, signal strength and how busy each band is.
  • Built-in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for up to 10-times faster data transfers to USB storage devices1, printer sharing, and 3G/4G dongle support.
  • ASUSWRT graphical user interface for easy, CD-free 30-second setup and hassle-free advanced network control.
  • AiProtection with Trend Micro with triple-strength total network security, plus robust parental controls and privacy protection.
  • ASUS AiCloud 2.0 lets you access, sync, share and stream your files anywhere, on any internet-connected device.