HP deskjet 960cse, 960cxi printer software/driver: home users for USB and parallel cable(American English)Windows XP.

Installation Instructions:
Caution: The printer's cable (USB or Parallel) must be unplugged before proceeding.

  • Create a new folder on the hard drive: c:\dj960 before downloading the printer driver.
  • Download the driver to the newly created c:\dj960 folder.
  • Open the c:\dj960 folder and double-click the downloaded "exe" file.
  • Dialog boxes indicating "Loading Files" and "Please Wait" will appear indicating files are being copied.
  • Wait until the files are finished copying.
  • Click "Install Printer Software"

Note: If this screen is not present, check the taskbar for a minimized screen named "960c". Click on this item to activate this screen.
Follow the instructions on the installer screen to complete the installation.

You may see a screen indicating the printer cannot be found. Click on the "Locate Printer" button to continue.