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  1. Please use AWDFLASH 8.23D or later to update NF7 series BIOS. With incorrect AWDFLASH version, the GUID will be erased, and leads to IEEE1394 peer to peer function failure. AWDFLASH 8.23K is included in this BIOS package.
  2. Fixed CPU temperature too high issue.
  3. Raised highest CPU FSB up to 300 MHz for "user define mode" in SoftMenu.
  4. Fixed SATA RAID-0 data corruption issue by adding a new option "EXT-P2P's Discard Time" in "integrated Peripherals". The default setting is "30 us" ; which is recommended by NVidia. In case the problem is still there, try "1 ms" please.
  5. BIOS Compile Date: 5/13/2003.