MaxBlast 3 is a one-step, ATA/IDE hard drive installation utility.  MaxBlast 3 makes hard drive installations and upgrades hassle-free for novices and professionals alike by automatically identifying, partitioning, and formatting any Maxtor ATA hard drive, making it data-ready in minutes. MaxBlast 3 replaces all previous versions of MaxBlast and MaxBlast Plus.

* Creates a bootable MaxBlast 3 installation diskette.
* Compatible with Windows 95, 95B, 98, Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows    2000, and Windows XP.
* Breaks the 528 MB, 2.1 GB, 4.2 GB, 8.4 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 137 GB capacity barriers.
* Support both FAT32 and NTFS drive partitions.
* Easy to use, Graphical Interface (GUI) with mouse and printer support.
* Supports up to four ATA devices in the same system*.
* The copy feature lets you make an exact duplicate of your existing hard drive.
* Fast ATA and Serial ATA compatible.
* The installation tutorial option allows you to view the installation process before  physically installing your Maxtor ATA hard drive.

Note: There must be at least one Maxtor ATA Disk Drive installed in the system for MaxBlast 3 to run.