AGP 8X / AGP3.0 enables enhanced graphics performance with high bandwidth speeds up to 2.12GB/s, twice faster than AGP 4X.

Trinity RAID

Lets your PC become a fileserver!

Serial ATA support

Serial ATA is a revolutionary replacement of ATA technology that provides superior performance. With up to 150MB/s data transfer rate, Serial ATA is faster than current Parallel ATA, while providing 100% software compatibility.


Serial ATA is a revolutionary replacement of ATA technology that provides superior performance. With up to 150MN/s data transfer rate, Serial ATA is faster than current Oarallel ATA, while providing 100% software compatibility.

Giga LAN

Delivers transfer speed ten times faster than conventional 10 / 100 Ethernet connections, supporting a high transfer rate up to Gigabit/s. Gigabit LAN is the networking standards for the future and is ideal for handing large amount of data such as video, audio, and voice.

10/100 LAN

Provides 10/100 Mbps solution to your network or broadhand connection without having to buy an extra LAN card.

USB 2.0

The latest connectivity standard which delivers transfer speeds up to 480Mb/s for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers.

IEEE 1394

IEEE 1394 interface supports transfer rates up to 400Mb/s to provide high speed digital interface for audio / video appliances such as digital television, digital video camcorders, storage peripherals and other PC portable devices.

AC Resume

Auto restart after power loss!

Server PCB

6-layer superior quality PCB provides extraordinary stable signal transmission.

Data Processing Utility

A "time machine" to protect and restore files!

Top-Hat Flash

With this ECS patented kit, you can cure all BIOS ills.

OMNI Guardian

PC "health" monitoring

Anti-Burn Guardian

Alert before inserting or removing memory module


Fuzzy logic design for diagnosing PCI slots health !


Artificial intellegence design to advice AGP 4X/8X hardware mode.

E-class Exterior

Elegant PCB appearance stands out the key insertions and reduces distraction during installation.

Smart LAN

Smartly detects the status of LAN network link and report the quality of LAN cable.

Acceleration Extreme

Featured highest quality V-chip capacitors provides better stability

Dual Faced Cable

An easy, user-friendly way to plug-in or remove digital devices.

192KHz 6-CH Sound

On board 6-CH Audio Chip brings a more vivid sound experience


Featured coaxial & optical SPDIF outputs.

FSB 1GHz +

Pumps up CPU from 800MHz up to an incredible 1 GHz+ FSB.


One-key boot device selection!


Server Class Dual LAN for both Internet & Intranet

Easy Match

Color-coding for easy connections!

My Pic

Customize your start-up screen!

EZ Flash

Flash BIOS from Windows!

Round Corner PCB

Rounded corners for strength and safety!

Streamlined IDE Cable

Improved airflow cable makes your system run at a lower temperature and look great too.

999 DIMM

Eliminate data highway roadblocks!

PCI Extreme

This slot can provide ultra signal quality for outstanding audio and video card performance.

SPDIF Shutter

An dust-proof auto shutter for optical connector!

Pro Magic 6.0

Restore important data back right away

What's New:

  • Fixed Memory 1024KB disappear after memory counting issuessue
  • Support AMD Sempron 2600/2800/3000/3300+ CPUs
  • BIOS item "Onboard SATA" default setting "Enabled/Hidden"
  • Add Sempron K8 CPU Micro code.
  • Fixed LAN-PHY cannot working.
  • Fixed USB Mouse cannot wakup up from S3.
  • Fixed RAID cannot install WinXP issue.
  • Support AMD K8 CPU CG Version.
  • Support S5 Lan wake up Function.