P4C800-E Deluxe BIOS 1023

This BIOS support mobile CPU adapter card CT-479. Please do read the description before updating BIOS
Do not use old version Afudos.exe to flash BIOS.Must use new Afudos(2.07) or later revision to flash BIOS.
Using ASUSLiveUpdate to flash BIOS, you need to upgrade ASUSLiveupdate to v5.22.02 or later before flash BIOS.
This BIOS is for motherboards purchased in a retail ASUS package. If your motherboard is part of Compaq X07 Gaming PC or Compaq X09 Gaming PC systems, you should obtain BIOS updates from HP, as using this BIOS may have adverse effects, such as rendering your system unusable.

What's New:

Supports CPU multiplier item when using Dothan 533 with CT-479.