Power Consumption

Those concerned about power usage will have their eye on the Entry Level Rig, which consumed just 89 watts when under full load. The Budget Box used slightly more power at 102 watts, while the Enthusiast's PC pulled 119 watts, the Luxury System consumed 143 watts and the Extreme Machine peaked at 233 watts. Keep in mind we are not using the GPUs in this test.

When measuring power consumption while running the Hybrid x265 test, the Budget Box consumed a similar amount of power as the Enthusiast's PC while the Extreme Machine consumed considerably more power than any other build.

Again we see that while the Budget Box, Enthusiast's PC and even the Luxury System all consumed around 100 watts while Extreme Machine reached 200 watts.

When using just a single core, all the systems except the Extreme Machine will consume about the same level of power.