Gaming Performance

Please note that each system has been benchmarked at the native resolution of the monitor recommended for each setup. The resolution is labeled under each build along with the GPU(s) used in the graphs below.

To keep the results as consistent as possible all systems have been tested using the same quality settings. In this case all setups were tested with maximum quality settings except features such as anti-aliasing which have been kept as low as possible.

Obviously these settings are unrealistic of how those gaming with an APU would play, but it does show the difference between integrated and discrete graphics performance. Those wondering how the APUs perform using medium to low quality settings should check out our A8-7600 review.

Upgrading the Budget Box with the Radeon R7 260X offered 355% more performance and more importantly allows gamers to enjoy BioShock Infinite in all of its glory.

The Entry-Level Rig had no trouble delivering a very playable 71fps at 1080p using the GTX 960, while the Enthusiast's PC was tested at the same resolution and managed 97fps. The Luxury System managed 75fps at 1600p using a single GTX 980. Meanwhile the Extreme Machine and its dual-Titan X SLI setup pumped out an impressive 88fps.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is considerably more demanding than BioShock Infinite and as a result the Budget Box will still require the visuals to be downgraded in order to achieve playable performance at 900p using the R7 260X.

The Entry-Level Rig just managed playable performance with 32fps, while the Enthusiast's PC which also played at 1080p managed a playable 57fps. This was the same performance seen by the Extreme Machine at 2160p using a pair of Titan X cards.

With the TressFX hair rendering technology disabled, Tomb Raider is quite playable on low-end hardware, as proven by the Budget Box armed with the Radeon R7 260X.

Running Thief maxed out using FXAA, the Budget Box delivered 38fps with the R7 260X while the Entry-Level Rig averaged 49fps and the Enthusiast's PC offered 67fps at the same resolution.

In Metro Redux the Budget Box's R7 260X averaged just 28fps, the Entry-Level Rig spat out 48fps at 1080p, the Enthusiast's PC offered a more playable 63fps and the Extreme Machine boasted a breathtaking 91fps at 4K.