Whether you are a first time builder seeking guidance or a seasoned enthusiast lacking the time it takes to compare the seemingly endless pit of hardware available, we've got you covered. Our buying guides provide an in-depth list of today's best hardware, ranging between three unique and yet typical budgets.

As the title implies, this is not a top-grade machine, however, it's the best and most balanced system $800 can buy you in our opinion. This box should prove to be an excellent companion for running general applications and a sufficient solution for even the newest games on the market, albeit with a bit of its eye-candy tuned down. Our Enthusiast's PC incorporates a flavorful blend of both the Budget Box and Luxury System, making this the most harmonious of builds. The intended total cost for our mid-range is usually well below the $2,000 mark, thus remaining within the grasp of the average computer enthusiast. Essentially, this is a fully-loaded PC minus some of the trinkets and bobbles, offering the confidence that it will plow down nearly anything shoved in its path. Here we have a screaming edge system lacking any virtual price cap. Every component in the Luxury System guide was thoughtfully scrutinized in order to offer you the most for your greenback. If the additional dough didn't bring about a justifiable performance leap, it didn't make the cut. Let's face it, almost nobody wants to choke up 150% more money to see a 3% increase in umph.