Rumor mill: There have been plenty of rumors of an RTX Super line floating around during the last few weeks, but one claim that has been met with particular skepticism is that Nvidia is working on an RTX 4070 Ti Super. Now, however, what's alleged to be the bizarrely named card's packaging design has been leaked.

The RTX 4000 Super rumors stretch back to the middle of last month when leaker Hongxing2020 claimed that Nvidia was working on three new Super-branded cards: the RTX 4080 Super, the 4070 Super, and what sounded like a very unlikely 4070 Ti Super.

Other regular leakers, Kopite7kimi and MEGAsizeGPU, said they had doubts Nvidia would release a card that used a 'Ti Super' name. But it seems that the latter has been convinced otherwise after posting what's supposed to be the card's packaging design on X/Twitter.

The image shows the Super logo has been changed from the angled, lowercase one used in the RTX 2000 series to a simpler and cleaner Pantone font. Here we see the Super name sitting alongside the Ti in one section and below the RTX 4070 Ti name in another.

There are a lot of unknowns about the RTX 4000 Super series right now, including if they're even real. Reports claim the RTX 4070 Ti Super will sit between the vanilla version of the card and the RTX 4080, offering 8,448 CUDA cores, 48 MB of L2 cache, and use the AD103-275 or AD102-175 GPU.

Some suggest that the RTX 4070 Ti's 12GB of VRAM will be increased to 16GB in the Super version. As for power consumption, Kopite7kimi believes all the new Super cards will have similar TDPs as the non-Super variants, though he also thinks their performance improvements will be less impressive than claimed; the leaker compared the RTX 4080 Super's gains to those of RTX 2080 Super vs. RTX 2080.

Nvidia has yet to drop any hints about an RTX 4000 Super series, so all related rumors should still be taken with a dose of salt. Kopite7kimi believes they will launch during CES 2024, which takes place at the start of January. No word on pricing, but we previously heard that Nvidia could discontinue the current versions in favor of the Super variants, which suggests prices will stay the same.