WTF?! The first Cybertruck models made their way into the hands of some customers a few weeks ago, four years after the EV was first revealed. Reviews seem to vary between love and hate. But could a mod announced by Elon Musk improve public perception or worsen it? The package will allow the Cybertruck to turn into a boat, able to travel across at least 100 meters (328 feet) of water, apparently.

Musk claimed in September that the Cybertruck would be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat so it could cross rivers, lakes, and "even seas" that aren't too choppy. He said the goal was for the truck to get from Starbase to South Padre Island in Texas, which would require crossing a channel.

The remark was met with plenty of derision, especially in light of the infamous ball-bearing test that smashed the vehicle's window a few years ago.

We hadn't heard much about the Cybertruck's water-based abilities since it made its way into the hands of around a dozen customers - and at around 50% more expensive than originally announced. Yesterday, however, Musk posted on X that the company will be offering a mod that enables the EV to travel on water. The Tesla boss claimed that the package mostly involves upgrading the cabin door seals.

Musk could be lauding the Cybertruck as James Bond's vehicle of choice after a video showed the EV getting stuck off-road. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, it had to be rescued by the rival Ford F-150 pickup. The clip led to someone asking if the Cybertruck falls into the category of Sports Futility Vehicle, but Musk might have been smiling when he heard that Ford was cutting F-150 Lightning production in half.

Tesla said last week that it wanted to remove non-serious buyers from its list of Cybertruck reservation holders by changing the $250 refundable deposit to a $1,000 non-refundable one.

In other Tesla news, a new study has revealed that drivers of the EVs are involved in more accidents nationwide than drivers of any other car brand.